Orion’s Quest is a not-for profit 501(c)(3) and your gift is tax deductible. Thanks for being a part of Orion’s Quest.

Orion’s quest educates students with STEM based, scientific research in outer space today, preparing students to explore their career dreams tomorrow.

As we look ahead at Orion’s Quest (OQ), our vision by 2020 is to see schools in every state offer Orion’s Quest space-based research curriculum in the classroom.  We believe space-based research is an authentic STEM experience, offering our students and our nation a bright future.  We need your help to launch 3 unique missions per year impacting thousands of students.


Join us in our Orion’s Quest STEM Community Partners Program

  1. Individuals who partner with us with gifts of $300, $200, or $100 a month are essential in our quest to challenge students to excel in and out of the classroom with our outer space STEM experience.
  2. Refer a foundation, corporate sponsor, or individual who would consider a lead gift of $300,000, $100,000, or $25,000.  Help us launch more missions with generous donors who value STEM education!