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A Word About Costs…

There is no fee for participation in the Orion’s Quest (OQ) Program. Curriculum development, classroom material and classroom visits are provided without cost. As former classroom teachers and building administrators, the OQ staff clearly understands the financial position and stresses of schools and school districts throughout the nation.

The experience and opportunities offered by Orion’s Quest are so unique we want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to be a part of the U.S. Space Program, without consideration of a financial requirement.

However, if you feel your school or school district has the ability and resources to support the program, a donation would be appreciated. The amount of such a donation is up to each participant and a “Purchase Order” will be provided upon request. All donators will be provided with a formal receipt for tax purposes.

If your school or district is unable to make a donation you may consider providing the names of local service clubs, businesses or individuals who you feel may be willing to make a donation. If this is the case, please see our *Donation Program.

As a not-for profit, 501(C)(3), Orion’s Quest is funded solely by grants, gifts and donations. We work hard to identify and seek out sponsors and funding opportunities to support the program. Thanks for being a part of Orion’s Quest.


Program Setup

The Cluster Classroom setup (Underdevelopment) Each school will be assigned to a group called a “Cluster”. Clusters are made up of either middle schools or high schools and will reflect the wide variance of schools throughout the program including:

  • Geographic location
  • Mixture of urban, suburban, or rural settings

Schools within the Cluster will need to develop an effective communication network and create a working organization in order maximize the OQ experience. This will be necessary to effectively share data and information within the cluster.

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